Behavioral Consultant

Qualified applicants will have a minimum of a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, Special Education or related field and at least 2 years hands-on experience working with children, educational professionals, and families. A strong knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis, effective teaching strategies, and current research in ABA and related fields is required.

Job responsibilities may include:
1. Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments including utilizing standardized testing tools, direct and indirect observations, parent/teacher interviews, and various data collection methods.
2. Developing and implementing Behavior Support Plans based on Functional Behavior Assessments.
3. Planning, organizing and maintaining educational programs, data management systems, and age-appropriate learning materials.
4. Participation in trainings, conferences, and seminars.
5. On-going collaboration with families, school personnel, and related professionals.
6. Providing parent/family training to facilitate continuity of behavioral strategies and instructional techniques.

Behavioral Therapist

Qualified applicants will have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology or related field (students and others may be considered based upon experience.) An understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis, child development, and behavioral strategies is preferred. Desired applicants will have a strong desire to work hands-on with children in home-based settings.

Job responsibilities may include:
1. Implementing Behavior Support Plans and educational programs.
2. Facilitating and organizing play and social interactions.
3. Responsible for data collection, interpretation, and program book maintenance.
4. Developing creative teaching materials in order to ensure a motivating learning environment.

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